Blanket Burrito

You don't see this kind of patriotism everyday.


Normally I don’t do these kinds of things - but this one hit kind of close to home. 
I hate saying that “I don’t do these things unless it’s something that could happen to me” because that sounds shallow and uncaring, but it’s part of human nature to be self-preserving or whatever, I’ll stop my spiel and get on with it. 

Rachel was a top-notch ballerina until she showed symptoms of Ehlers Danlos which is a really, really sucky situation for those that happen to be in it. I have the disease, but to a lesser extent. Although I’m in pain every single day, I count myself very lucky. 
Her air ways have been 90% collapsed but there is hope, yet. If she can get to Sweden, a doctor is willing to regrow her trachea using her own stem cells.

I won’t ramble, I’ll let you read for yourself and hope that you’ll consider helping with a donation. 

3 years ago on October 15th, 2011 | J | 39 notes